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Quote automation is advantageous. We can be sure of that. However, there is a lot more that you need to do than just generating quotes mechanically. A good CPQ solution can generate quotes on the basis of the information you enter into it, and although it determines prices based on an ample selection of variables, you nevertheless need to ensure that those variables are…. fitting for the situation (or not).

Just generating automated quotes when you wind up sending wrong and deficient quotes to your customers will not work the magic you are looking for. In reality, faulty quotations can lead to a number of issues for the business.

In addition, CPQ solutions are just not typically plug-and-play. Their implementation is an entire process. This process also tends to go awry if faced by issues such as one-dimensional implementation of CPQ involving just the sales department, inaccurate data entering the CPQ system, and bad planning. Sounds too much to take in? There’s an easy way out.

Download our CPQ Jumpstart Guide to see how sales teams can get started with CPQ at the earliest.

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