Why Enterprise CPQ Implementations Fail-eBook

Present-Day B2B customers are strongly influenced by the online consumer experience, and cannot accept waiting for more than a day or two for quotes. Waiting once more for those quotes to be altered as discussions get underway is yet another pain point they want to avoid. Instead, they want results in no time.

Modern customers also better prepare themselves for negotiations by learning about current pricing information that empowers them to expect more flexible pricing and product packages. And they are all prepared to do an about-turn with the vendors if they don’t receive what they expect.

And we all (hopefully) know that CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is the only real solution to this challenge. Yet, we see even the best CPQ solution implementations and rollouts fail all around us. Why does this happen? We have the reasons. Read this complimentary eBook on Why Enterprise CPQ Implementations Fail to discover the reasons for yourself.

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