CPQ Buyer Guide

The Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution market is congested right now. Last we checked, there were more than 45 CPQ solutions and mobile apps on offer for those interested.

So, how can you accomplish the task of discovering the best CPQ tool for your business? The bad news is that this is not a one-step process. The good news is that understanding the questions that should be asked and responded to renders selecting a CPQ solution much easier.

Once you have successfully selected the technology, the business must then comprehend the rules it employs to build quotes, and align the CPQ solution to operate based on those rules.

To make your task of selecting the right CPQ product and appropriately configuring it much easier, we have created a CPQ Buyers’ Guide. You will learn how to:

  • Replace the manual approach to quote creation
  • Recognize when you are ready to buy a CPQ solution
  • Select a solution that’s the right fit for your business needs
  • Make that solution work with the other parts of your software ecosystem
  • Ensure quick adoption by the sales force
  • Maximize the return on your CPQ investment
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Career-Related Queries:

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