Translate Self-Service to Brand Loyalty

When customers need something from your business, they typically have to get in touch with your customer service team or you would have to do all the work for them. Nowadays, you have the option to provide self-service portals to improve the way customers can resolve issues and find solutions and answers to problems more quickly, while learning in the process. Today’s customers are tech-savvier than ever, as they are becoming used to incorporating technological developments like smartphones and tablets into their daily lives. Hence, self-service portals make more sense to them and they may prefer it over an assisted type of service from your contact center.

Research conducted by Nuance found that 67 percent of respondents prefer self-service instead of speaking to a representative of your company. Coleman Parkes conducted a study and found that 40 percent of people who called a contact center initially looked for answers themselves using a self-service portal. The reason for this is that customers have become self-sufficient. Hence, they are more capable of learning and discovering new things for themselves. Using a reliable platform like SAP HANA Cloud Portal can get you started in creating a self-service cloud-based support site.

Apart from SAP HANA Cloud, you can generate your own efficient self-service platform with MindTouch Connector, a mobile-ready commercial cloud-based web platform for multi-channel delivery and knowledge collaboration of customer support documents. Both platforms empower the customer service experience as they let customers have more control over the creation of new tickets. Tracking their support requests, and collaboration with your service agents. They have access to a knowledge base for answers, too, so they can resolve issues faster, and you can minimize service costs.

To retain customers, you need to be able to provide answers and solutions to their issues at hand. SAP HANA Cloud Portal and MindTouch lets you fulfill that need, and when you do, you are more likely to retain your customers and make them more loyal to your brand. The platforms can let you identify the most common issues encountered by customers, too.

Author: The Knack Team

Short posts and insights shared by a group of Knack System’s SAP subject matter experts in the customer engagement, marketing, sales, commerce, and service space.

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