Strategies for Successful Business by Using SAP Marketing Cloud Service

Integrating SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer with SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud can be a crucial driving factor for the success of your business. With this solution, you can save time and money associated with integrating and implementing Hybris solutions, boost the quality of your contact center and lead generation strategies, and gain visibility into marketing data for making informed decisions. SAP Marketing Cloud service may help you track interactions in real-time, too.

One of the strategies to make SAP Marketing Cloud more efficient to your business is by integrating the platform with Marketo. This way, you get a cloud-based application to work with your sales, marketing, and service systems.  Marketo is known for providing feature-rich campaign execution and automation, content design capabilities, mobile marketing prowess, lead nurturing, and tracking functions. Seasoned developers of SAP CRM solutions can implement SAP CRM-Marketo application that can accelerate your revenue generation.

If you are considering SAP Marketing Cloud services, be sure to work with an experienced and certified company that is known to provide custom solutions that can improve your CRM systems.  An effective SAP Marketing Cloud service should help you integrate Marketo and CRM business partner while enabling real-time visibility and campaign tracking. With Marketo, business and marketing operations can consolidate and automate data and complex processes with other systems. It enables direct automated messages to be sent to customers when certain actions are being conducted, too. Marketo integration should enable your team to publish content using the connector into landing pages to be distributed.

Silverpop is another platform that can be integrated with a SAP CRM solution. It allows you to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by helping you identify profitable leads through SAP CRM. Moreover, it lets you make and send unlimited targeted emails to your customers using the third-party solution from Silverpop.

Author: The Knack Team

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