Essential qualities of SAP HANA that make it a perfect fit for the digital world

Essential qualities of SAP HANA that make it a perfect fit for the digital world

A business that deals with large quantities of data requires fast and efficient information and data accumulation and processing capabilities. Furthermore, the integrity of the data needs to be high. A common problem with current IT solutions is that applications tend to work in silos. This leads to duplicity of data resulting in increased batch processing time and higher infrastructure costs. Since applications do not interact with each other, the data available gives an incomplete picture. Real-time insights are not available, and the ability to innovate is thwarted. The complexity leads to delay in decision-making and hinders innovation.

A radical approach is required to unlock the potential of all the data available in an organization. The solution is to make all data readily available to all applications. This reduces data latency and improves business agility. A complete business view is possible allowing real-time decision-making. However, this solution is only possible with in-memory data management that enables all applications to become real-time. This is where SAP HANA comes into picture.

SAP HANA is an in-memory data management and application platform that helps in transforming businesses. It is a comprehensive service to manage all applications providing speed, simplicity, and innovation.


Importance of SAP HANA in the digital world

  • Accelerates database processing: SAP HANA allows processing of large amounts of data quickly as applications interact with each other for real-time insights and faster decision-making.
  • Creates next-generation applications: It aids in the creation of next-gen apps by designing and deploying intuitive applications. This helps in delivering the desired information to users at the right time.
  • Delivers more business intelligence: HANA makes use of advanced analytical processing to gain deeper insights from the data available. More business intelligence is always a welcome bonus in any organization.
  • Integrates all types of data: It synchronizes large volumes of data between HANA and    thousands of remote databases by accessing information stored in data silos, integrating  them into one unified suite to gain unique insights.
  • Simplifies IT environment: SAP HANA simplifies the IT environment by reducing complexity. It provides the choice of cloud (virtual), on-premise (physical), or hybrid (combination of cloud and physical) platform, opening up options for organizations with different needs and requirements.

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