A Handy Guide to Digital B2B Customer Engagement for the Foodservices Distribution industry

The leaders of the Foodservices Distribution industry are adapting to disruption and changing demands through innovative and effective customer engagement strategies. More than ever before, sales representative in the field have to engage with customers through a strategic mix of

  • Right products and product information (nutritional data, images, media)
  • Immersive catalogs with real-time product inventory
  • Right contract pricing specific to their customer
  • Rapid quotes, sales proposals and orders, all generated from mobile devices

Does your technology landscape empower your sales teams with these and other capabilities that are now critical for top-line and bottom-line growth?

Read about AvocadoOne for SAP Customer Experience, the B2B sales-assisted commerce solution for Foodservice distribution companies and how it’s bringing about digital transformation and enabling them to orchestrate their sales activities for growth.

Download the complimentary 2020 AvocadoOne Guide for the Foodservices distribution industry.

AvocadoOne Guide